Thursday, 20 November 2014

The Marquee at The Keeper and the Dell

We're so very proud of our lovely marquee. It is one of very few round ended vintage marquees. It's wonderful shape means that it sits so very perfectly down in the Dell. With natural canvas and beautiful old wooden poles and finials, it really is a beauty.

When we first began planning weddings & celebrations here at The Keeper and the Dell, we were determined to find a marquee which would fit well with the landscape and with our vintage style. After much searching for the perfect one, we were so very lucky to be introduced to the Bloomfield Family of Great Yarmouth. Before then, all we could find were ugly metal & plastic marquees, overly opulent Indian tents and dark teepees. Not only was a Bloomfield marquee perfectly fitting, it came with a local history and a family bond which made it even more special. 

The Bloomfield Family have been living and working in Norfolk for many generations. Each and every one of their marquees has been homemade by members of the family at their own workshop. With skills & expertise learned from years of living and working on the Norfolk coast, the Bloomfield family have created beautiful natural marquees since 1874 which have lasted and surpassed all others. Our own marquee was handmade on a Singer sewing machine over 40 years ago. 

As well as the pretty natural canvas, the marquee has beautiful strong poles, painted a rich green and topped with a bright red finial. The ropes are thick and strong, and held in place with wonderfully rustic stakes ~ when this beauty goes up, it is like living within the circus!

We also love to use Bloomfields rustic wooden tables and chairs in our marquee ~ they really fit with the style and feel, and are so very practical. These look pretty left plain, or can be really dressed up with cloths, flowers and other vintage props & pretties. 

We have added a coconut matting flooring underfoot, which with it's rustic coloured stripes, works really well with the style of the marquee and furniture. Up above, we have hung pretty festoon lighting and 3 large chandeliers, giving the marquee a wonderfully opulent vintage feel, perfectly ready for any occasion. We can then add pretty bunting, and from there our Brides and their helpers are free to decorate the marquee however they wish. It really is a pretty blank canvas, ready for the magic to begin. 

Here are a few photos of how other Brides (and their Grooms, of course), have decorated the marquee for their own special day. 

Enjoy x